We’re not like other vet practices. Here’s how.

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Tailored to cats.


Cats only. Seriously.

Other species are not allowed in the building so your cat can visit stress-free.

Grumpy cats welcome.

Happy or … temperamental, all cats are accepted at the Cat Doctor.


Feline medicine specialists.

Our doctors have treated thousands of cats and bring that experience to you.
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Easiest vet visit ever.

No expense is spared to keep your kitty calm and your visit productive.
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Stress-free for better medicine.

Stressed cats have elevated heart rate, high blood pressure, and won’t allow themselves to be examined. So we built our practice around making your kitty comfy.


Calming staff.

Cats subtly tell you how they’re feeling. Our staff can read them, and put your cat at ease.

Quiet lobby.

Appointments are spaced to keep our lobby empty, and minimize patient anxiety.


Time to adjust.

Longer appointments give your kitty time to adjust and relax in their surroundings.

No scary smells.

We run a clean practice, and include pheromone diffusers in every room - just in case.


Feline medicine specialists.


We’ve treated thousands of cats and completed hundreds of hours of feline-specific coursework in the 30 years since we opened our doors.

What does that mean for your cat?

Dr. Alison Bradbury

Dr. Alison Bradbury

Dr. Drew Weigner

Dr. Drew Weigner

Customer first.


Extended hours.

We’re here when you need us with extended weekday hours and Saturday afternoon appointments.


Feels like home.

Our lobby is cozy and fully stocked with goodies, so you’re comfortable too.

No-rush appointments.

Appointments slots are purposefully longer, giving you time to ask questions and get thoughtful answers.


Fast follow up.

We want to provide the best care for your cat. Fast follow up is part of that.


Short lobby wait times

We spread our appointments out so that when you arrive for your appointment, you’re seen right away.


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