An easy vet visit for your cat — by design.

Calm cats allow us to practice better medicine. See how we’ve designed every facet of The Cat Doctor to keep your kitty stress-free.


Appointments designed to put your cat at ease.


Your entire visit is orchestrated to make it as productive as possible .


Fewer patients in the lobby. Less stress.


Cats are put on edge by unfamiliar animals, that’s why we spread our appointments out to minimize contact with other patients. It means we can take fewer patients each day, but improves the quality of care.


Minimal wait time. Minimal Stress.


Cats hate carriers, so we designed our schedule to minimize the time they spend inside of them.

By taking fewer appointments per day, we can stick to a schedule and get your furry family member in front of a doctor quickly.


Ample time to sniff around and calm down.


Cats often need time to acclimate to their surroundings in order to calm down, so we designed our schedule to accommodate. There’s no rush here. If your kitty needs time to acclimate, our schedule is intentionally booked to allow for it.


Rooms scented with kitty-soothing pheromones.


When comfortable and happy, cats produce odorless pheromones which they use to mark familiar territory. We diffuse synthetic doses of those same pheromones, clinically demonstrated to soothe anxious kitties, throughout our hospital.


An entire staff of cat whisperers.


We hire cat people. Most everyone who works for us either owns cats or has a long history working with them. They can read feline body language, are calm, and project confidence in every patient interaction.


The result — easier visits and better medicine.


Stressed cats have elevated heart rate, high blood pressure, and won’t allow themselves to be touched. Our visits are easy on your furry family member, so we can actually examine them, catch illness early or make a more informed diagnosis.


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