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Pet Placement Options


The Atlanta metropolitan area has numerous rescue groups and shelters which may be able to assist you with placing your cat.  Hopefully one of the following will be able to help you:

Atlanta Pet Rescue & Adoption

Forgotten Paws Pet Rescue


Good Mews

Lifeline Animal Project


Questions to ask the rescue group or shelter:

  • Are you a no-kill shelter?
  • Are you able to accept the animal at this time?  If not, approximately when?
  • Do you charge a fee to adopters?  (A reasonable fee helps ensure that adopters are responsible people who understand that pet ownership involves some expense.)
  • Do you screen potential adopters?  Do you make follow-up calls after adoption?


Additional suggestions:

 Create a flyer with a picture and description of your cat to leave with us plus at area pet supply stores, and with your neighbors.   Post it anywhere there may be a community bulletin board. Charging an adoption fee will help to filter out individuals who do not have your cat’s best interest in mind.