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Healthy Cats


Preventative care

Get up to date on your vaccines, manage your cat’s diet or prevent a serious illness with an annual check-up.

Dental care

Avoid a major cause of weight loss, oral infection, and general “smelly cat,” by cleaning those kitty teeth.


Senior cats

Many of our patients live into their 20’s because of preventative care like senior-specific annual exams and blood work.

Kitten care

Our pediatric program, includes vaccinations, parasite prevention, a spay or neuter, and physical evaluation.


Ill & Injured Cats 


Second opinions

Our veterinarians have staked their careers on being knowledgeable in feline health. They can find the underlying cause of your cat’s illness.

Diagnostics and pharmacy

We have the tools to answer the question, “what is wrong with my cat”, and stock an in-house pharmacy with feline-specific forms of drugs.



Whether it’s routine spay or something more serious, we offer detailed diagnostics, careful monitoring during anesthesia, and a comfortable recovery space during this very delicate process.




A view overlooking the garden, tailored dining options, and soothing music are just the beginning. It’s more of a cat-hotel than a kennel.

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